Amy Marks is....

a frequent smiler, a designer of socially-important things, and an asker of questions small and large.

Her capstone is a collaboration with two local nonprofits, with whom she is working to create products that will be crafted by local refugees and immigrants in exchange for fair employment. The products are storytelling lanterns which seek to bring a dose of empathy, and a splash of creativity, and a heap of meaningful connections to those who use them.

She has worked at MHM, Thule, SidFactor, National Park Service, and Kaledioscope.

"I've been called the Question Queen my whole life. I love to continually widen the frame through which design questions are being viewed, asking why, why, why, until eventually new insights appear. I'm looking to work for an organization that thinks as big as I do, and considers the full scope of the effects of their decisions."

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