Annie Spinnenweber is....

a visual artist and designer, potter, and thinker.

Her capstone is a exploration of the potential roles an artifact can take in relation to grief and mourning. By utilizing the tactile and auditory senses, users are invited to interact in unconventional ways in their search for solace.

She has worked at Hasbro, Fossil Group, The Rookwood Pottery Company, and the DBL

ARTIST STATEMENT: "I am a visual artist and designer whose work tends to focus on developing artifacts from metaphysical concepts. Through using the tactile mediums of ceramic and fiber, my work explores the duality of the utilitarian and the decorative, as well as how these objects play a role in our daily lives, both physically and emotionally. I find inspiration in conversations, nature, history, tradition, and culture, striving to find the connections that fuel my work."

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