Becky Roetker is....

a storyteller, a collaborator, and game enthusiast.

Her capstone is a collaboration with Morgan Slone, graphic communication senior. "Storyforge" is a children's fantasy role-playing game aimed at kids who have never played a tabletop RPG before. It is a easy start and rules-light game system that is simple for people new to the genre! Table-top RPGs are all about storytelling and collaboration, so this game is a great tool for children to learn social skills and build teamwork.

She has worked at MKG, Hasbro, Moody-Nolan, and Fisher-Price.

"I'm a designer who thrives when working together with others. I believe the best design comes from many minds! I’m looking for an opportunity to work at a place that has a diverse group of people and allows me to impact others in a thoughtful way."

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