Eamonn Kelly is....

a strategist, critical thinker, and hat wearer.

His capstone is an exploration into the future of the furniture industry. Shifts in the retail space and consumer base have pushed furniture consumption and waste to new heights. Instead of ignoring these new buying habits, Eamonn is proposing a speculative brand and furniture line that would alleviate the impact of these consumers by catering to them with a more sustainably minded alternative.

He has worked at Herbst Produkt, INDUSTRY PDX, Fossil Group and Little Tikes.

"Hello! My name is Eamonn Kelly. I’m a recent industrial design graduate from the University of Cincinnati with two years experience across a broad section of the design industry. I’ve helped define client visions with both strategy, brand, and product design by outlining what people value. In our experience driven economy people are looking for something they identify with on a deeper level, the key to do this is empathy. People value a holistic personality represented across brand and product. This intersection is where I thrive. I believe that the marriage of the two lead to impactful stories that empower clients and create product that inspires consumers. Right now I’m on the hunt for a consultancy that focuses on telling stories through this powerful combination."

Check out more of his work on Google Drive.

Email: kellyef@mail.uc.edu