Emilie Winicker is....

an empathetic designer, lover of German culture, and extra-tall Hoosier who has never ever played basketball.

Her capstone is a game designed to build relationships across generations.

She has worked at Chamberlain Group, Kohler, Apex Supply Chain Technologies, and Hasbro.

"In my work, I am motivated by a desire to bring people joy. Toy and game design are particularly appealing to me because they are pure, straightforward sources of joy. But I also like to design products that bring joy through indirect means, by contributing to someone’s well-being or success. I’m looking for a position where I can inject humor, positivity, and light-heartedness into my work, while also serving the user in the best way possible."

Check out more of her work at:  http://emiliewinicker.weebly.com/.

Email: ewinicker@gmail.com


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