Leah Kopke is....

an always curious, playful and determined designer that enjoys working with her hands creating something new.

Her capstone project is about giving consumers the option to be sweatshop free and sustainable when buying toys by designing a new business model and doll series based around injection molded biodegradable bioplastics that are petrochemical free. Earth Guardian dolls give kids the chance to explore the world and it's many cultures by playing with a new doll.

She has worked at Mars Wrigley, Crosley Brands, Apex Supply Chain Technologies and Au-ve-co Products.

"I want to challenge the perception that in order to be sustainable, we need to give up a level of enjoyment by creating products that show sustainability can lead to a more fruitful uplifting experience for consumers."

Check out more of her work at:  http://www.leahkopke.com/.



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