Nathan Estabrook is....

a footwear designer, drawer of things, professional couch loafer.

His capstone is about the influence of fast fashion on the footwear industry. Brands in their rush to push product into the market places have fallen into the practice of reactionary design. Brands have lost their true identity and the focus of his capstone is to solve this issue. His capstone is a footwear brand named ICON that releases small capsule collections of footwear each year based of a location. The design decisions are informed based on culture, materials available, and architecture. The idea is to create small collections of shoes that break past the market place and create identities for the consumer.

He has worked at Vans, Eleven, Insync Design and Calvin Klein (GBG)

"I am a passionate designer with a focus on footwear and consumer product design. Creating product that helps people to represent their own identity is what drives me to design. Within design I alway look for a challenge, and hope to grow and evolve as a designer. I enjoy working on a team and taking on challenging design problems."

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