Rinn Hirotsu is....

a toy designer, illustrator, and biker chick.

Her capstone combats the lack of female Asian-American characters in pop culture with a line of action figures and role play toys. She has created a story with characters who smash stereotypes about Asian-American women, and has developed toys designed to empower and uplift through representation.

She has worked NERF and Marvel teams at Hasbro, the Sewell Archive, Rescoper, Frontgate, Livewell Collaborative and KAO Brands. Rinn has also worked as a freelance brand and UI/UX designer for startups in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area.

""After spending one year at DAAP as a Fine Arts major, I transferred to Industrial Design, with a focus in transportation. I discovered my love of toy design during my first of two co-ops at Hasbro, and decided to pursue it for the rest of my collegiate career.

In my pre-capstone semester, I realized that it was the right time to tackle an issue that I am extremely passionate about, using toys as my mode of communication. I wanted to give Asian-American girls more characters that look like them, who are more than just sidekicks or one-dimensional love interests -- the kind of representation that I never had when I was growing up."

Check out more of her work at:  http://rinndesign.com

Email: Rinn.hirotsu@gmail.com