Tal Zaksenberg is....

a discoverer, dreamer, difficult-problem destroyer.

His capstone is called Nimba. Nimba helps neat-seekers, busy families, and the elderly reclaim winter freedom by abandoning the cost, unpredictability, and danger of snow removal and adopting a smarter way to manage winter weather.

He has co-oped at Skechers USA, Munchkin Inc., The Clorox Company, and iRobot Corporation

"He believes in design's ability to inspire and transform business. He is a rigorous student, an adaptable team member, and an fastidious employee who always works to meet and exceed expectations. As a person he values collaboration’s role in earning success. He hopes to team with people with diverse skills and backgrounds to combine individual efforts and achieve common goals."

Check out more of his work at:  http://www.talzaksenberg.com/

Email: tzaksenberg@gmail.com


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