Winona So is....

a fashion accessories designer, crazy earrings lover, and a detail-oriented person.

Her capstone is about building her own brand "NoritaEye". She wants to help consumers who want more than a fashion product and want to express themselves through products with a story behind. NoritaEye offers handbags and small accessories for everyday personal style with a dash of culture character. We believe every person has a story to tell. Let the goods you carry be part of that story. Live out your cultural interest and appreciation.

She has worked at Fossil Group (Michele team, Fossil Women Jewelry team), Global Brands Group (BCBG, Dear Drew), Sonoco Display & Packaging, Bissell, and TSL Jewelry.

"I design, therefore I am! I have two eyes, an eye to explore fashion trends; an eye to appreciate beauty of design. I believe a small idea makes a big impact. I believe good design makes people life better. I believe good design speaks for itself."

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